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Africa - Instability in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Cabo Delgado province, the northern most province in Mozambique has been the centre of attention in the African circle of conflict related news in 2020.

Since 2017 when an armed militant group with no affiliation to the Mozambique Defence Force, brutally attacked villages, leaving tens of thousands displaced according to the UN refugee agency. This group was unknown and taken lightly by the international community. Now, three years on, the militant group has claimed affiliation to the terrorist group, ISIS. An independent source said some people "are motivated by opportunistic or ideological reasons."

Neighbouring South Africa have been warned by IS from intervening in Mozambique's issue, written in an article featured in the IS newsletter, named al-Naba. The IS claim that South Africa have their own problems and if the country was to intervene there would be a new fight within South Africa's borders.

Private security companies from South Africa and internationally have been racing to get their barrels to the front line in what is predicted to be the next Sudan.

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