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Farm Incursions - South Africa

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Farms in South Africa are situated throughout the vast stretch of mainly unpopulated land. Police stations are far and few in between, leaving the job of security to the farmers themselves or hired help.

Incursions take place in manny forms. Meat poaching, cattle theft, crop theft, house robbery or with the intention to bring harm to those on the farm for person and other agendas. While these incursions may be less harmful to life but more to the stock of the farmer mostly, it presents a great risk to person and asset.

The South African Police are under resourced to patrol these areas and efforts point to private security on undertaking this heavy task. Thus making farms and those who live and work on farms soft targets.

With well trained, knowledgeable and dedicated personnel, it is possible to slow down, or even stop these incursions from happening. CQTAfrica plans to deploy its services where best needed in various capacities, educational training and physical security to combat these crimes.

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